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Amber 2BHK Value
Minimum Tenure: 3 months

Amber 2BHK package for all your mode and high quality living for compact homes.

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Package Description

Amber 2BHK package for all your mode and high quality living for compact homes. Package includes 2 double bed with side table and Mattresses, 4 seater Dining, 4 seater sofa set.

Color: Black Oak

Package Inclusions:

  • 2 X Amber Queen Size Bed   5'3"X6'7"
  • 2 X Amber Bed Side Table   1'7" X 1'3" X 1'7"
  • 1 X Amber 2 seater Sofa   4' X 2'6" X 3'
  • 2 X Amber 1 seater Sofa   2'3" X 2'6" X 3'
  • 1 X Amber Center table   3'3" X 1'8" X 1'3"
  • 1 X Amber Dining Table   3'11" X 2'7" X 2'7"
  • 4 X Wooden Chairs with upholstered seating.
  • Soft Furnishings: Mattress for Bed

Note: Items shown in the image other than mentioned in Package details are not part of package.


  • Cleaning and Maintainance

    You want good furniture and we want good relationship with our customers. Here we provide free check-up and maintenance visit every 6 month for cleaning and good care of the furniture.

  • Long-term Privileges

    Avail the most exciting offers for the products and maintain a long term relationship with us, and we will never let you worry about money.

  • Damage Waiver

    Enjoy our service without any hesitation and let yourself indulge with it and leave the rest of repairing with us after your subscription gets over.

  • Relocation

    Shifting to a new house, leave all furniture related hustle with us. Where ever you move within the city, your furniture will be moving along with you without engaging any extra charges.

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21 Oct 2018
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