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  • ₹2799 

    Elano Black Recliner Sofa

    Putting your feet up has never felt so good with this desirable recliner chair sofa. This three-seater is perfect for a small area to give a modern and comfortable sitting. Sit back, relax and unwind on our leather recliner sofa, this one is just right for you.

  • ₹4999 

    Elano Cream Leather Sofa Set (3+2+1+1)

    Add luxury to your decor with this white leather sofa. The muted color gives a sophisticated look. Giving cozy warmth to the room this 7 seater sofa calls for a large gathering. Pick this stylish and urban sofa and spice up your décor with vibrant walls.

  • ₹4999 

    Elano Green Leather Sofa Set (3+2+1+1)

    The living room is the most raided part of the house. When you wish to spend some quality time with your family and friends, this seven seater leather sofa is the unanimous choice of one and all. It will complement your spacious living room. This sofa set is unique in style and offers you the most comfortable sitting area.

  • ₹4999 

    Elano Coffee Brown Leather Sofa Set (3+2+1+1)

    Abundantly rich in look, this leather sofa gives you enough space for a get together. Oversized cushions are heavily packed so you can feel comfortable every time you take a seat. Match the sofas with the light colour interior for a fine balance.

  • ₹4999 

    Elano Maroon Leather Sofa Set (3+2+1+1)

    This artfully designed seven-seater leather sofa, takes its inspiration from the older times. All features together lending this piece a quiet majestic appeal. Blending in easily in transitional themes, this sofa set promises to make long hours of entertaining or lounging a comfortable experience.

  • ₹2999 

    Elano L-Shape Upholstory Sofa

    Give your house some style with this sumptuous L-shape sofa. This luxurious furniture piece is draped in leather to create a comfortable space to relax. Cozy up to the plush, high-density foam stuffed inside every seat and back cushion. Get ready for snuggle time on this enjoyable couch.

  • ₹4999 

    Elano Cream Leather Sofa Set (3+2+2)

    This leather sofa will add a modern style touch to your living space giving you a clean and chic look. Enveloped in breathable leather fabric, this couch features sleek track arms for a sophisticated feel. This sofa is designed to fit in homes giving a luxurious look and the best part you don’t have to extend much of your budget to add this to your cart.

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Anwesha Choudhari
Moving is always a hassle, especially when you are not from the city! On top of packing, one has to worry about furniture- buying, packing, moving etc.. But, with Fabrento in the picture, one can relax and just shift their belongs! Their impeccable products, and timely delivery has made the entire procedure very simple. The staff is friendly and helpful and will accommodate delivery timings based on your needs. I highly recommend their services and products! Happy moving!
Rahil Kalra
Fabrento offers a terrific range of trendy furniture at a very reasonable rate. Look no further if you're looking to set up a cozy home with everything ranging from side tables to sofas on offer. Renting is easy too with the doorstep delivery and assembly of furniture. Although I did experience initial hiccups, the team was receptive and came through. My favourite piece has been the Fabien Sofa since it's amazingly useful and very well built.
Sachin Yadav
It's always a very difficult task for a bachelor to find right furniture when they shift to a new place. So I moved to Noida for my job and wanted a bed for my room which is comfortable and affordable , after wasting many hours on internet I finally found the right thing I wanted on FABRENTO.Fabrento helps to complete your home with the best furniture at a very low cost. KUDOS
Rohit Gupta
My scepticism on using rented furniture is in the past. Fabrento has converted me with their stylish, cozy and affordable stuff. New or Bought makes no difference now that Fabrento is here. I have different and reasonable options to choose from and Great service
Akshita Bansal
I ordered a king size bed on rent and the delivery was made within a day as per my convenience The furniture was brand new and i liked there servicing .
Thanks a lot Fabrento !