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  • ₹1299 

    Fabien Sofa Bed
    Upscale your living style with this stylish and modern sofa cum bed. It has got unique zig zag design which allows you to set it in multiple combinations and use it for comfortable sittingfor three or unwinding.This Sofa cum Bed provides you all comfort and superior looks that you have always wished from a Sofa Bed.
  • ₹1299 

    Puzzly Sofa Set

    You can literally play cubicles of with this Sofa and make unlimited designs. We have just been able to show a few. This not only lends a youthful and modern look to your living room but also adds that extra zing to your living standard that you can boast off to friends and relatives. The cubicles are made with soft foam and it’s very comfortable and relaxing to sit or unwind.

  • ₹999 

    Shelfe Couch with bookshelves

    Relax and take it slow on the new Shelfe couch where everything is within reach you can stash your Cherished books for some light reading with your favourite brew of coffee in your hands, a must have for every home.

  • ₹1499 

    Crimson Retro Sofa

    This fusion is such a intelligent work of art. Having it in your room will make you unable to sit anywhere else and spoil you By not wanting any other couch

  • ₹1999 

    Aster 3+1+1 Sofa Set

    A novel and rare designer set that is unmatched in beauty &Design. It offers a a fresh and unparalleled look to any home.Do not miss the intricate isometric complex craftsmanship that has gone into its outside wings

  • ₹1999 

    Greywood 3+1+1 Sofa Set

    Relinquish mundane living room furniture and adopt this new exquisite refined sofa for a classier looking living room that melds with nature

  • ₹1899 

    Expanse 3+2 Sofa Set

    This inventive and original work of art is incomparable in Its expressive and graceful approach in its craftsmanship,Trendy and in vogue it is finesse personified.

  • ₹1899 

    Paragon 3+1+1 Sofa Set

    Feng shui dictates harmonizing everyone with the surrounding environment, Paragon transforms your living room to a tranquil and serene atmosphere

  • ₹1099 

    Amber Sofa Set

    Amber 4 Seater Sofa set has a elegant exposed solid wood frame with a compact, modern, and minimalist design. Backrest and cushion upholstery has a crisp appearance, which lets you enjoy conversation and get together with exceptional comfort.

  • ₹1149 

    Asilo Sofa Set

    Ideal for those who love sharing their home space with friends and family, this 2+1+1 seater sofa with comfy cushions and a stylish, solid wood frame gives your living room a fresh look. Jute upholstry adds an earthy touch to your comfort and style.

  • ₹1199 

    Emma Sofa Set

    Emma Sofa stylishly allows you to soak in the comfort of your home.The quality solid wood with dark rustic wood finish beckons you to make yourself at home on this four-seater, as you settle into some relaxation with your loved ones.

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  • ₹4199 

    Grandeur Sofa Set

    This classic sofa adds a touch of sober charm with its art leather upholstery to your living room with it live polished wood centre tables and side tables. Re-live your room with this sable stylish sofa.

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Anwesha Choudhari
Moving is always a hassle, especially when you are not from the city! On top of packing, one has to worry about furniture- buying, packing, moving etc.. But, with Fabrento in the picture, one can relax and just shift their belongs! Their impeccable products, and timely delivery has made the entire procedure very simple. The staff is friendly and helpful and will accommodate delivery timings based on your needs. I highly recommend their services and products! Happy moving!
Rahil Kalra
Fabrento offers a terrific range of trendy furniture at a very reasonable rate. Look no further if you're looking to set up a cozy home with everything ranging from side tables to sofas on offer. Renting is easy too with the doorstep delivery and assembly of furniture. Although I did experience initial hiccups, the team was receptive and came through. My favourite piece has been the Fabien Sofa since it's amazingly useful and very well built.
Sachin Yadav
It's always a very difficult task for a bachelor to find right furniture when they shift to a new place. So I moved to Noida for my job and wanted a bed for my room which is comfortable and affordable , after wasting many hours on internet I finally found the right thing I wanted on FABRENTO.Fabrento helps to complete your home with the best furniture at a very low cost. KUDOS
Rohit Gupta
My scepticism on using rented furniture is in the past. Fabrento has converted me with their stylish, cozy and affordable stuff. New or Bought makes no difference now that Fabrento is here. I have different and reasonable options to choose from and Great service
Akshita Bansal
I ordered a king size bed on rent and the delivery was made within a day as per my convenience The furniture was brand new and i liked there servicing .
Thanks a lot Fabrento !